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Rockford Amplified Tuned Systems Ever wonder what your car would sound like if you added a subwoofer to it? Would extra bass improve how your music sounds?

The engineers and install gurus here at Rockford Fosgate want to give you information to answer those questions. That's why we designed the Rockford Amplified Tuned System or RATS for short.

The purpose of the RATS is to show you the frequency response of your factory sound system. The frequency response is a graphic representation of music. Once our RATS team records a factory system, they install a Rockford Fosgate system, and then record the frequency response again to show you what your vehicle sounds like with a premium audio system installed.

The important parts to compare on the frequency response graphs are:
1. How many more musical frequencies are played by the factory audio system.
2. How much more SPL (Sound Pressure Level) the Rockford Fosgate system gives you.

RATS even gives you the ability to choose which Rockford Fosgate subwoofer you'd like to try. Then you can compare them to your factory system to see which one will sound the best in your vehicle.

Look up your vehicle type (Truck, SUV, Sedan, or Hatchback), then pick a subwoofer and watch how Rockford Fosgate premium audio gear can add to your listening experience!

RATS Testing When it comes to choosing the "best" car audio system, there can be several options. Sure, there are constants like factory speaker locations and the amount of available space in a trunk. However, the selection of products that make up a car audio system can vary, such as what speaker series to use (Prime, Punch, Power) and the age-old dilemma of using a mono amp for subwoofers with a 2-channel amp for mids and tweets, or just a 4-channel amp to run the entire system.

RATS takes the hard work out of system design through Rockford Fosgate's installation and testing of pre-configured components in real vehicles. Through our painstaking research, you'll easily determine what components best complement each other in a specific vehicle.

Rockford Fosgate first matches the RMS power handling of speakers with the RMS power output of amplifiers. We ensure that the power compatibility falls within the range of 30% of RMS (min.) to 100% RMS (max.) power. Next, we match these components to specific vehicles to ensure they can be installed using the recommended configurations. Then we use a frequency analyzer on the components to measure their effect inside the vehicle's acoustical interior.

Our SPL Microphone Array uses three levels of precision matched stereo microphones horizontally staggered to accommodate the height differences of short, average and tall drivers. This configuration allows us to "normalize" the frequency response by capturing an "averaged" sample.

Use the RATS system designs to see what configurations best fit your vehicle type. The SPL measurements will help you determine what amplifier is best for the amount of money you want to spend versus the performance you'll gain. Either way, you'll benefit by building upon our tested configurations to help you design a car audio system that any fanatic would be proud to have.

RATS vs. BoxAdvisor RATS are real-world SPL and Frequency Response tests.

For the purpose of the RATS testing, Rockford Fosgate uses the recommended sealed/vented enclosure as printed in the subwoofer owner's manual. This gives you a baseline comparison of different series of subwoofers (Prime/Punch/Power) in your type of vehicle. All tests were performed with amplifier gains set to "+0dB Gain Overlap" with "Punch Bass" or "Punch EQ" disabled.

Under the POWER SUBWOOFERS tab, Rockford Fosgate also provides a choice of "High Output Enclosures". These enclosures are designed for maximum SPL (Sound Pressure Level).

After narrowing down which subwoofer best fits your needs, you may refer to the "BoxAdvisor" in order to see the expected performance using custom criteria, such as specific amplifier power, box volume, tuning frequency (vented designs) along with the effects of using polyfill in sealed enclosures or rounded ports in vented enclosures. Click for BoxAdvisor.